ESI Philippines Transformer Services Corp.

(Energy Services International)
Group of Companies

are specialist's in:

  • Transformer Oil Filtration & Regeneration 

  • Transformer Installation, Service and Upgrade

  • Transformer Condition Assessment 


From it's beginning as a business unit of Egmont Electricity (a locally owned Generation and Distribution company) in the mid 1980's, the business has grown into a multinational group of companies providing economical and environmentally friendly reclamation services throughout

New Zealand

South Pacific


After the privatization of the New Zealand Electricity supply Industry in 1992, ESI Group was formed with Mr Clive Avery and Family as principle shareholders. Family values such as Integrity, Care and Respect for others, Accountability and Building an Excellent Reputation have ensured long term and enjoyable business relationships.

We strive to provide an exceptional service while providing customers with a clear path for maintaining and protecting their High Voltage Electrical Assets.

ESI utilize the latest technologies and continually update their processing units and procedures to deliver an environmentally friendly service which helps preserve and reuse a valuable limited natural resource.

esi transformer service crew

ESI Philippines Transformer Services Corp. is a Philippine Registered Corporation connected to the ESI Group of Companies. Head of operations in the Philippines is Peter Gwynn who was originally trained with New Zealand Electricity Department in all aspects of Generation, Substation and Transmission construction and maintenance. He latter became Generation and Substation Engineer for Egmont Electricity where he established the Oil Reclamation business unit, developing on-line plants and procedures.

ESI Group is committed to providing an excellent service all our Philippine Clients with honesty and integrity, just as do in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pacific Islands.

Recent Activities

Fortune Transformers Accessories
Fortune Transformers
CDF Testing
High Voltage Cable Reconnection
Preparation of Testing Power Factor Test
Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Test
Purifier Truck
Purifier Plant
Oil Storage Interior
Oil Storage
MRP4S Plant
MRP4 Control Room
MRP1 Control Room
MRP1 truck
MRP1 Plant
ESI Yard
Boom Truck 6T
Boom Truck 3T
Dry Air Unit
Transformer After Service and Maintenance
New Electronic Breathers
Online Tap changer Filter Unit

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Chemical contamination is typically colour absorbed from the type of varnish used on the windings or resins used in the cellulose pressboard packers and spacers....

Transformers are the single most expensive item of high voltage plant in a substation. It is a recognised fact that deterioration of transformer oil, through either oxidation and/or contamination, can cause premature and at times catastrophic failure....

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Moisture Content

 Measures the water content of the oil at a particular temperature. This is an extremely important test as it can be related to the actual moisture content, by dry weight, of the transformer winding....

Is there any such thing as new mineral oil? Take the carcasses of a few million dinosaurs, a few thousand hectares of

trees and sub-vegetation, bury them under hundreds of meters of mud and sludge for a thousand years or so and you have ‘new’ oil....

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