Boom Truck 3 Tonner
CDF Testing
Hydrogen Generator
Boom Truck 3 Tonner
Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Test
Preparation of Testing Power Factor Test
High Voltage Cable Reconnection
MRP4 Control Room
Boom Truck 6 Tonner
ESI Techon
ESI Yard
ESI 6000 litre hr Purifier
Turrets and Pipework(before)
General condition(before)
New Breathers(after)
Tapchanger Filter Unit(after)
Tapchanger Filter Unit Installed
Finished Transformer
  • On and Off-line Purification (Degassing, Moisture and Particulate removal

  • On and Off-line Reclamation (Restoration of oil to as-new plus de-sludging)

  • Vacuum Filling of Transformers

  • In-situ Vacuum Dry-out treatment for transformers with high cellulose moisture

  • Recycling of used Tank-stock of Drummed Transformer Oil to as-new

  • Recycling of Bulk or Drummed Transformer Oil to as-new condition                    

  • Oil Sampling, Testing & Transformer Condition Assessment                    

  • Transformer/General Substation Maintenance & Upgrade

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