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ESI first established on-line Reclamation Plant and Procedures in New Zealand over 25 years ago but is still recognized as a world leader in Transformer Oil Filtration and Reclamation today.


The ESI Oil Reclamation Plants utilized in the Philippines are the latest in technology and of the highest performance available in the world today. They have an adjustable flow rate of 1,000 - 6,000 litre/hr, 96 kW Oil Heating Capacity and Vacuum pump/booster capacity of 720m3/hr. We have recently imported a 2nd 6,000 litre/hr machine to service growing demand  


ESI’s reputation for excellent Environment, Health and Safety as well as the safe-guard of Clients Assets is second to none. Our plants are SCADA/PLC controlled with layered protection for the environment.


Our desire is to provide our customers with a service that will not only save them and their customers money, extend transformer life and reliability, but is also the best choice for the environment in recycling a valuable resource.

And now we are with new partner, SMA Solar Technology AG

esi transformer oil service

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